Our Story

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I married a geek.

It came as a surprise to me in the spring of 1999 as we stood in line for the Star Wars movie: The Phantom Menace. It had been almost 16 years since Return of the Jedi and the buzz about the new release was electric. We were recently engaged and met up with friends who’d purchased a block of tickets. But as we stood in line outside, passing the time before the doors opened, something odd occurred. An unseen gravitational force was pulling my fiancé into a group of people with Star Wars trivia. Remarkably, he began to answer trivia questions – giving meticulous details and pronouncing planets with lots of consonants. A realization washed over me – I was marrying a geek!

Twenty years later, my husband is still a geek. And Redline Barbershop is our tribute to all the things that we’ve enjoyed over the years. While rock streams overhead, you can choose to experience FREE retro arcade games, comic books, bubble gum or an array of posters ranging from super heroes to classic movies to cars and more!

And, of course, we are committed to providing you with the best barbershop services you can find.

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Be Cool.
Our goal is to create a unique community space for everyone, so
we don’t like chatter about sex, religion, or politics.
We just want a place to chill for a bit.
This needs to be place where old and young can gather and
a mom won’t cringe bringing her son, agreed?
So, we do not tolerate discrimination or hate speech.
If you are not in agreement with this, please pass us by.

Redline Barbershop
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At Redline Barbershop you can be quirky, cool, or keep that classic cut.

Make a reservation in advance or call ahead to be put on our wait list.

But remember that you gotta be on time or wait in line. If a walk-in customer
is ready to go and you haven’t arrived for your reserved time, then you will
have to wait and be fit in if possible or rescheduled. So, plan to stop in early
and enjoy a comic book and some bubble gum.

Walk-in service is available too, but you might have to defend the universe
on one of our FREE retro arcade games first.

Straight razor shaves are guaranteed only with a reservation. Otherwise, it’s a coin toss.