Call to Request the Man Cave to be in a free private room for those times when you want to be tucked away from everyone else.

Time is NOT on our side.

Give us a call if you’re running late because if clients are booked back-to-back, we may need you to reschedule.

So, stop in early to enjoy a comic book, some bubble gum or beat the high score on one of our FREE retro arcade games.

For our most accurate hours, book online. Information below may change based upon the availability of our Barbers and Stylists.


  • Aldi Plaza
    9985 Sawmill Parkway
    Powell, OH 43065


Sunday: 10a-6p
Monday: 10a-5p
Tuesday: 10a-5p
Wednesday: 10a-7p
Thursday: 10a-7p
Friday: 10a-7p
Saturday: 9a-6p


  • Near Meijer at Maxtown & State
    925 North State Street, Suite M
    Westerville, OH 43082


Sunday: 10a-5p
Monday: 10a-5p
Tuesday: 10a-7p
Wednesday: 10a-7p
Thursday: 10a-7p
Friday: 10a-7p
Saturday: 9a-3p

How to Schedule Online

Don’t be fooled like a Storm Trooper by the gray boxes, it’s because you haven’t clicked on anythingwe have the availability you’re looking for!

Sometimes scheduling can feel like a Jedi mind trick because the site won’t show availability until you click on everything you want in each service category:  Haircut – Shave – & More Services.

Step 1 Location. Click where you wanna go – Powell or Westerville?

Step 2 Services.  Click the circle next to each of the services you want that day by selecting the service from each tab: Hair Cut, More Services, Shaving Services. Click “Add Another Service” to book more than one service. Description of services may be found here.

Step 3 Barber/Stylist. Click on your favorite Barber/Stylist or Any to view first available.

Step 4 Time & Date. Calendar will pop up with a list of times open for that date. If you need a new date, just click on the date in the calendar and times will appear. Scroll to see more times. Click BOOK RESERVATION.

Step 5 Account. Log in or create one.

If booking online makes you want to blow up a planet, just call and leave us a message. We’ll call you back.