How to Schedule Online

Sometimes scheduling can feel like a Jedi mind trick because the site won’t show availability until you click on everything you want in each service category:  Haircut – Shave – & More Services.

Don’t be fooled like a Storm Trooper by the gray boxes, it’s because you haven’t clicked on anythingwe have the availability you’re looking for!

Step 1 Services. Click on each of the services you want that day. Selected services will turn green with a check mark. Description of services may be found here.

Step 2 Calendar. Click on the calendar icon. When the month pops up, hover/click on a date that turns yellow, that means we’re open that day.

Step 3 Time & Provider. Click on the time for the barber/stylist that you want.  The box will turn yellow if available to reserve for all of your selected services.  Want more scheduling options?  Just return to the calendar and click on another day.

Step 4 Account. Sign in or create one.  You will be able to add additional reservations if you are making multiple reservations for family members.

If booking online makes you want to blow up a planet, just leave us a message at 614.698.0085 and we’ll call you back.

Before you arrive for your reservation, be sure to review the Darth Vader Inspired Protocols, Health Questionnaire for Symptoms, and Release during this time of COVID-19.

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